I am a Post-doc researcher at the University of Washington's department of Human-Centered Design and Engineering and recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business.

I study distributed collaboration,and more specifically socio-technical issues in the development of community-based information systems, such as Cyber-Infrastructures, Collaboratories, and Open-Source Software.
My resume can be accessed here.

What's New

Oct 2012: Started a post-doc with Charlotte Lee at UW!

Apr 2012: PhD done and over!

Mar 2012: Emotiv study (with Dennis Galletta) expands so we can compare the emotiv results to fMRI and EEG results.

Nov 2011: IRB-ready for the emotiv study.

Aug 2009: Sue Fussell organized a Culture&Tech workshop at INTERACT '09. Trip to Sweden!

"Conflict in CyberInfrastructure Development" presentation at AoM '09 went great. Let's see if we can write a journal article out of this.

June 2009: CSST'09 was the most interesting gathering of researchers I have attended so far. Now I know where to look for a mentor.

Apr 2009: CHI'09 & Digital Science workshop in Boston.

Feb 2009: IWIC'09 in Stanford. It took 20 mins to present results of an utterance-by-utterance conversation analysis of thousands of lines of text that took 5 people and more than 8 months to code manually. I will never do such a thing again.

Dec 2008: ICIS'08 in Paris. Presenting results from the OSS user study.

Nov 2008: CSCW'08 Presenting the attribution study, and pre-dissertation ideas to the Cyber-Infrastructure workshop.

Aug 2008: Started teaching. Intro to IS needed a major overhaul out of its frontal learning assumptions. Starting a new CMC study on cross-cultural teams and creativity.

Dec 2007: ICIS'07 in Montreal. Presenting a poster on the NEESgrid project.

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I study distributed collaboration & IT development.

The 'E.' in my name stands for Eirini, which means peace in Greek. 'Ilana' means pine tree in Hebrew.

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